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Rechargeable Portable Mosquito Zapper Lantern Light Caravan RV00037

$35.95 $29.95

Outdoor Rechargeable 2 In 1 Mosquito Killer Bulb Bug Zapper  Light Caravan


Rechargeable Portable Mosquito Zapper Lantern Light: Say goodbye to mosquitoes with this versatile 3-in-1 device designed for caravans or RVs.

3-in-1 Functionality: Acts as a lantern, zapper, and flashlight, providing multiple functions for your outdoor activities.

AU0349 Model: Specifically, the AU0349 model, featuring advanced features and reliable performance.

Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a rechargeable battery, ensuring convenience and the ability to charge it for your next adventure.

Compact Design: Designed with a compact form factor, making it easy to carry and store in your caravan or RV.

Durable Construction: Built with durable materials to withstand outdoor conditions, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

Perfect for Camping, Hiking, and BBQs: Ideal for various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or enjoying a backyard BBQ.

Mosquito-Free Outdoor Fun: Protects against mosquitoes, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities without the annoyance of these pests.

Versatile Outdoor Gear: An essential addition to your outdoor gear, providing versatility and functionality in one compact device.

Don't Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Fun: Ensure a mosquito-free outdoor experience by getting the Rechargeable Portable Mosquito Zapper Lantern Light.

Convenient and Easy to Use: A convenient and user-friendly solution to keep mosquitoes at bay, enhancing your overall outdoor enjoyment.

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