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4 seasons hatch fly screen set of 4 Standard mesh - Genuine part


Set of 4, 4 Seasons Hatch Fly Screen Set of 4 Standard Mesh - Genuine Part

Genuine 4 Seasons Hatch Fly Screen Set: Protect your caravan or motorhome from insects with this authentic set designed for all four seasons.

Made by CAMEC: Manufactured by CAMEC, a trusted brand in caravan and motorhome accessories.

Standard Mesh Design: Features a standard mesh design to effectively keep pesky bugs out while allowing fresh air to flow through.

Complete Set of Four Screens: This set includes four screens, perfectly sized to fit over your hatches and provide comprehensive insect protection.

Manufacturer Part Number: 016430: Easy identification and compatibility with the manufacturer part number.

Perfect for Outdoor Adventures: Ideal addition to any outdoor adventure, ensuring a comfortable and bug-free environment inside your vehicle.

Comfortable Ventilation: Allows for the free flow of fresh air while keeping insects at bay.

High-Quality Construction: Crafted for durability and performance, providing a long-lasting solution for insect protection.

Prevent Trip Disruptions: Don't let flies and mosquitoes ruin your trip—invest in this high-quality fly screen set today.

520mm x 120mm
Picture of inside of hatch is for identification purposes only.