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Coast Roll Out Awning Sunscreen 13' Shade Wall 3.4m 200-09032

$145.95 $134.80

Coast To Coast Roll Out Awning 13' Sunscreen Shade Wall 3.4m 200-09032


Coast’s range of sunscreens has been redesigned with the end result being a stronger and more functional sunscreen.
The front and side sunscreens now feature an improved spline that won’t kink over time.
There are also newly added reinforcing triangles (with D-rings) that enable the sunscreen to be secured to awning legs.
They are still quick and easy to fit.
Once you have taken it out of the packaging, shake it out like a blanket and grab the end without the eyelets.
Simply thread it through the track on your awning lead bar.

Hemmed edging all around to prevent fraying
Comes with guy ropes and heavy duty 8mm steel pegs (for securing to the ground)
Offers extra privacy
1yr warranty
ARPANZA Test Results
Cover Factor: 91.0 +/- 2.5
UVR Block: 90.4% +/- 2.5%
Shade Factor: 86.6 +/- 2.9
Calculated Protection Factor: 11*

* The Calculated Protection Factor is for the material only and does not account for the effect of indirect UVR when situated at a distance from the persons being protected.


Did you know you can have your awning replaced under your insurance policy for many different reasons including:

Storm Damage

Impact Damage

Accidental Damage

We repair and replace awnings almost every day of every week. We are also the major stockist of Carefree, Dometic and ATRV awnings on the Mornington Peninsula. As we are a preferred repairer for most insurance companies, we can usually have your claim approved within 24 hrs from submission. And, as we know your time is precious, most awning replacements are conducted while you wait. No leaving the van for days or weeks like some repair centres. Same day! Same Morning! Same Afternoon.

Now that's what we call service.

Call our friendly team on 1300 068 700 to arrange your quote today.