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Dometic Vs-ac/dc Vacuum Food Sealer Cryovac Machine 12v & 24v



Waste not, want not, they say. Well with the Waeco Dometic 12/240V Vacuum Sealer say no to food waste. By vacuum sealing your fresh meat, vegetables, even leftovers, you reduce the risk of freezer burn in the freezer and can keep food up to 5 times longer in the fridge. It also does a better job at locking in nutrients than other storage methods.
What are the facts behind this magical device? Well, exposure to air (oxidation) is what causes food to spoil. Vacuum sealing sucks all the air out of the package and creates an airtight seal. Nifty, hey? What's more, the commercial grade pump inside makes sure every ounce of oxygen is sucked right out of the bag so your food lasts longer.
The Dometic 12/240V is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can plug it into 240V AC when at home, or if you’re camping or caravanning and want to seal up some fish you were lucky enough to catch or last night’s leftovers, it’ll plug into your 12V DC system.

Keeps food up to 5 times longer
Makes food compact for packing
Automatic and manual mode
Commercial grade pump
Comes with roll cutter, removable drip tray
High-temperature safety cut-out

Please note: This item does not include 5 x 8” pouches and 5 x 11” pouches. They are sold separately.


They can be found as a separate item;