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Drinking Water Hose With Fittings 10m X 12mm Ph-dw012010f

$45.00 $30.00

Drinking Water Hose with fittings 10m x 12mm PH-DW012010F

The Camec Quality Drinking Water Hose is essential for caravan, camping, and motorhome trips.
Measuring 10m in length and 12mm in diameter, it provides ample reach for water connections.
Ideal for connecting to water sources and ensuring a clean and safe drinking water supply.
Comes with a 1-year warranty, guaranteeing the hose's quality and durability.
Non-toxic, UV-resistant, and kink-resistant for a safe and long-lasting water solution.
Easy to install and use, providing convenience during your outdoor adventures.
Compatible with most standard fittings, ensuring versatility and ease of use.
Trust in the Camec brand for reliable and high-quality caravan accessories.
Ensure the safety of your drinking water during your travels with this quality hose.
Don't compromise on water quality; choose Camec for your water hose needs.
UV-resistant construction protects the hose from sun damage, enhancing longevity.
Kink-resistant design ensures continuous water flow without interruptions.
Suitable for various outdoor activities, including caravanning, camping, and motorhoming.
Provides a safe and reliable water supply for drinking and other uses.
10m length offers flexibility and convenience in water source connections.
Choose a durable and safe option for your water needs during outdoor adventures.
Invest in the Camec Quality Drinking Water Hose for peace of mind on your next trip.
Easy compatibility with standard fittings makes it a practical choice for users.

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