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Grey Caravan Corner Mould Infill Truline Per M Camec American Strip


Grey Caravan Corner Mould Infill Truline Per M Camec 007432 American Strip

Product Name: Grey Caravan Corner Mould Infill by CAMEC
Material: High-quality materials for long-lasting durability
Design: Truline design for a seamless fit
Length: Sold by the metre for customizable installation
Manufacturer Part Number: 007434
Additional Options: Bundle options available with this listing
Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation into the corners of your caravan
Enhanced Protection: Provides added protection for your caravan or motorhome
Upgrade Your Vehicle: Enhance both style and protection with the CAMEC grey caravan corner mould infill
Please ensure your infill looks exactly like this or that you are sure you want to use this product as once we cut it to your order length, it cannot be returned.