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LED 12-24V Amber/Red Side Marker Light

$17.90 $15.95

LED 12-24V Amber/Red Side Marker Light

The "LED 12-24V Amber/Red Side Marker Light" is a lighting fixture designed for vehicles, trailers, or other applications where clear visibility of the sides of the vehicle is essential. Here's a general description based on the information provided:

Type: LED 12-24V Amber/Red Side Marker Light
Voltage: Designed to operate within the 12-24V range, making it suitable for various vehicles and systems.
Color: Features dual-color functionality with amber and red LEDs. Amber is often used for front and side markers, while red is typically used for rear markers.
Lighting Technology: Utilizes energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology, offering improved visibility and durability compared to traditional incandescent lights.
Visibility: Designed as a side marker light, enhancing the visibility of the vehicle from the side to improve safety on the road.
Application: Suitable for a range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, trailers, and other mobile equipment.
Mounting: Typically equipped with a mounting bracket or system for easy installation on the side of the vehicle.
Weather Resistance: May feature weather-resistant or waterproof construction to withstand various environmental conditions.
Compliance: If applicable, the description may indicate whether the side marker light complies with relevant regulations or standards for road safety.
Usage Instructions: Basic instructions on how to install and use the LED side marker light effectively.

For more detailed and specific information about the LED 12-24V Amber/Red Side Marker Light, it is recommended to refer to the product documentation provided by the manufacturer or contact them directly. Additionally, users should adhere to local regulations and guidelines when installing such lights on vehicles.