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Supex 100mm Shock Cord Loop Tonneau SULP4 Caravan Camping Trailer



The Supex 100mm Shock Cord Loop Tonneau (SULP4) is a versatile and durable accessory designed for use in caravan, camping, and trailer applications. Here's a detailed description:

Shock Cord Loop: Constructed with high-quality shock cord material, this loop provides flexibility and elasticity, allowing it to stretch and adapt to various loads and conditions encountered during caravan, camping, or trailer use.

100mm Length: With a length of 100mm, this shock cord loop offers ample size for securing and fastening items such as tonneau covers, tarps, or camping gear, providing a reliable and adjustable fastening solution.

Multi-Purpose Use: The shock cord loop is suitable for a wide range of applications, including securing tonneau covers on trailers or caravans, fastening tarps or awnings at campsites, or bundling and securing equipment during outdoor activities.

Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials, including high-quality shock cord and robust connectors, this loop is built to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring longevity and reliability in various weather conditions.

Secure Fastening: The shock cord loop provides a secure and dependable fastening method, ensuring that tonneau covers, tarps, or camping gear remain securely in place during transportation or while set up at a campsite.

Adjustable Tension: The elasticity of the shock cord allows for adjustable tension, enabling users to customize the tightness of the fastening according to their specific needs, providing flexibility and convenience in securing different types of loads.

Easy Installation: With a simple and straightforward installation process, this shock cord loop can be quickly attached and secured to tonneau covers, tarps, or other equipment, minimizing setup time and effort.

Compact and Portable: The compact size and lightweight design of the shock cord loop make it easy to store and transport, allowing for convenient use and versatility during outdoor adventures or travel.

Reliable Brand: Supex is a trusted brand known for producing high-quality camping, caravan, and outdoor equipment, ensuring that this shock cord loop meets the brand's standards of durability, performance, and reliability.

Versatile Compatibility: The shock cord loop is compatible with various tonneau covers, tarps, and camping equipment, making it a versatile and practical accessory for outdoor enthusiasts, caravan owners, and trailer users.