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Tent pole plate 2pack



SUPA-PEG is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and wholesalers of camping goods and accessories. Their products are designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.  They have developed a reputation of innovation, design and quality that others try to copy and follow. Supa-Peg polycarbonate tent pegs are made from 100% polycarbonate.  They are UV treated for longevity in the sun.  Designed by Supa-Peg in 2000, they have a unique Hi-Impact head with a solid round shaft for easy penetration into the ground.  Ideal for hard and soft ground this is the ideal peg for the camper when driving through eyelets.
Pole plates are used to prevent your tent pole from sinking into soft sand.  These pole plates are also able to be pegged into the ground to prevent the plate from moving.  Suitable for standard poles or the larger Big Foot poles. 

Made from almost indestructible polycarbonate
UV treated
Suits up to 35mm foot caps
Peg down holes
Dimpled surface for extra grip
Suits pegs up to 9mm in diameter